What do I post on Facebook in 2021? Real estate professionals, look no further!

Real estate professionals, what do you post on Facebook? Need ideas?

John Brhel at Social Eddy has a great list that he’s put together, and I like it. I’ve summarized his 14 points with my own take.

Here are 14 great ideas —

  1. Customers
    • This is what your business is all about, referrals! So, put your customers front and center if they’re up for it.
    • In front of their new homes, signing documents at closing, or wherever! Take a photo of them, with their permission of course, and post it on your Facebook page. Ask them if they wouldn’t mind you tagging them in the photo, that way your post will reach their network as well.
    • Looking for a good closing gift idea? Print the photo and frame it for them!
  2. Market Conditions
    • Who doesn’t want to know what’s going on in the real estate market? Keep you network up-to-date on general market conditions. When they ask for specific conditions related to their neighborhood or home, that’s your opportunity to show your knowledge and earn their business.
  3. Holidays
    • Show your personal and fun side by posting about upcoming holidays. Include photos if you have some, especially ones where you are getting into the holiday spirit. This allows your network to see a side of you that doesn’t revolve around getting their business.
  4. Tips on Home Improvement
    • Everyone would like ideas on how to improve the look of their kitchen, or replace that old carpet. Show that you have home improvement smarts by posting tips that your network could use.
  5. Team Photos
    • Show your network who assists you behind the scenes. It takes a village to raise a child and a team to successfully complete a real estate transaction. Your network doesn’t know the inner workings of how you operate, so show them that you have a layer of support. Include your real estate partners like Title & Escrow, Mortgage, Home Inspector, etc. along with your transaction coordinator, buyer or seller agents, and broker or manager. Show off your team!
  6. Fun & Exciting Homes
    • Keep your network thinking real estate by showing them fun or inspiring photos of homes, inside and out. Who doesn’t like to view a nice $32 million dollar mansion?
  7. Videos
    • Introduce yourself, update your network on the market, share a client testimonial. Whatever you do, make it short and sweet. Then, share it wherever appropriate.
  8. Property Listings
    • Don’t just share your new listing on facebook, post a gallery of professionally take photos! Home buyers like to look at homes, not read through marketing fluff. Give them the goods, then direct them to the full listing where they can get all the property vitals if they desire.
  9. Spotlight Local Businesses
    • Show off your knowledge of the local community and establish relationships with business owners at the same time. Interview the owner of the local dry cleaner and you’ll create a customer for life. Maybe they’ll even let you put your cards or a brochure in their business. Maybe… they’ll even contribute to your local area marketing campaign if it includes a coupon for a product or service they offer.
  10. Compare Homes
    • Ranch style versus Santa Fe? White versus cherry kitchen cabinets? Before and after photos. Compare and contract different styles, designs, and home interiors and exteriors. It engages your network and get’s them interacting with you; especially when you ask them which they prefer.
  11. Announcing Open Houses
    • Create a buzz and generate interest in your open house by spotlighting it on Facebook post. Include a professionally created flyer for more impact. Partner with a your title company to provide wine and cheese, maybe even some live music. The options are endless. Just make sure people show up!
  12. You. Behind the Scenes
    • Show your network that you’re human, just like them, and not a lean, mean, home selling machine! Take a few “tasteful” photos of you in more of a personal setting, but that spotlight you in a dynamic setting.
    • This is your opportunity to give yourself some recognition for working late, or balancing your work and personal life.
    • Playing a sport or taking a hike are also good opportunities for photo ops.
  13. Local Events & News
    • What’s going on in your neighborhood, town/city, or state? Post about things your network would be interested in knowing about. Maybe even invite a few of them to join you. What a great way to further build your relationship with your network.
  14. FUN FUN FUN!
    • Show your humorous side by posting about things that elicit a smile and comical reaction from your network.
    • One of my favorite quotes by Andrew Carnegie:

“There is little success where there is little laughter.”

That’s it for now… questions, comments? Reach out to me!


See John’s article – https://www.socialeddy.com/blog/14-facebook-marketing-tips-for-real-estate-professionals/

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