Social Media Success: Content Menu + Posting Schedule = Consistent Value & Return

“Aaron, where can I get content to post on my social media sites?”

An agent client of mine asked me today, so I responded with —

“Content is everywhere! First, you need to put together your CONTENT MENU, then SCHEDULE it.”

In more detail, your content menu contains the daily specials of your business. Your schedule is when those specials are served. If you stay consistent with the delivery of your specials, your potential customer base will grow and tell others. Humans enjoy consistency, it says to them that you will be consistent with your word when you work with them. Make that consistency a part of your social media strategy.


Well, who are your customers? Let’s start with Buyers and Sellers.

What are potential Buyers looking for online?
  • Homes for sale
  • Types/features of homes
  • Home staging and benefits
  • Should I remodel or upgrade home prior to selling (what is ROI)
  • Areas/Communities (HOA dues, restrictions, etc)
  • Amenities – where are grocery stores, restaurants, entertainment, schools
  • School districts – what is district rated, what about local schools
  • Financing options – what are current interest rates, any new loan options
What are Sellers looking for online?
  • What’s my home worth
  • How long will it take for my home to sell
  • How much have values gone up in my area
  • Who is an experienced agent that specializes in my area or type of home

This information collectively makes up your Content Menu. You’ll utilize many different resources, including your own collective knowledge and experience, to turn these topics into postings on your social media platforms.


You have to ask yourself, when am I posting and what am I going to post? Schedule out each post so that you are consistently posting something targeted to buyers and sellers, on a DAILY basis.

I’ll get into a sample posting schedule in a future post, but it should be time blocked, consistent, and part of your daily routine.

Also, in a future post we’ll discuss what content to add to which social media platforms. After all, it’s not just Facebook and Twitter anymore. There’s Google Plus, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and many more…

Best of luck team, go get em!


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