Ultimate Listing Program


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    Ultimate Listing Program

    • 50 color flyers and 100 color postcards
    And all the following great features from:
    • Wide Angle HDR Photography
    — Retouched (we include them untouched as well)
    • Post/Sign Installation, Removal & Management
    • Lockbox Installation, Removal & Management
    • MLS Profile Entry (Saved in agents MLS incompletes,
    includes property description)
    • “For Sale” Property Flyers
    • Link for Facebook post
    • Vimeo HD Virtual Tour (Unbranded and MLS compliant for upload)
    • WordPress Property Website
    • Text For Sign Rider

    Marketing that is a step above our competition as our marketing pieces are
    created in house using the agents photos, brokerage and contact details.
    100% Satisfaction Guarantee or your money back.
    Please contact Aaron for details.

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