How’s the Market?!

What is the top question asked of real estate agents by the public?

“How’s the market?!”

What is a frequent answer?

“It’s good… okay… so-so…”

The answer usually varies based on how the agent’s business is doing currently, or their mood at the moment. But, it’s frequently a triggering question which causes the agent to externalize their own success or failure, while not actually capitalizing on an incredible opportunity.

There’s a more effective way to respond to that question. One that makes the agent appear knowledgeable and excited to answer the question, while also rewarding the person who asked.

What if the answer went like this:

Great question! Market conditions are very localized. Meaning, they vary based on location and price range. Overall though, home values are up 10% in Phoenix and 8% in Scottsdale over the past year. Where in particular are you curious about?

That’s how an agent can turn a simple question into a relationship building opportunity. The “Where in particular are you curious about?” question has lead into many opportunities to assist a potential homebuyer with a purchase, or a homeowner with a sale.

Where would an agent find this information so that they can intelligently and quickly respond with these statistics? From a Weekly Market Update report, of course.

What can you do with a Weekly Market Update report for any city or zip in Maricopa county?

  1. Email it to clients or prospects…
  2. Add it to your print newsletter…
  3. Post it on your blog or social media profiles…
  4. But most importantly, educate yourself on market conditions in your areas of specialization so that when you’re asked, “How’s the market?!”, you are excited to answer and begin building a relationship.

Note: If you’re interested in receiving these weekly reports automatically via email, contact me. They are available by city or zip code, SFR or Condo/Townhome.

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